From his childhood beginnings, Erik Narwhal loved to draw.  He knew what he wanted to create and he often escaped the realities of his world through his illustrations.  A fan of comic books and fantasy art, Narwhal turned to Robert E. Howard’s fictional hero, Conan The Barbarian for inspiration.  It was Frank Frazetta’s interpretation of Conan that helped shape Narwhal’s drawing style.  Narwhal did have some formal art training at age four.  He took a summer course at the Rhode Island School Of Design as a teenager and eventually received a minor art degree from Rhode Island College in 1993.  Narwhal didn’t complete his first official painting until 2003 when he was 33 years old.  He had always been obsessed with the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.  He stumbled upon a pencil illustration of Lincoln’s assassination at a Walden Book Store when he was seven.  From that point on Lincoln dominated his artistic subject matter.  It only made sense that his first painting be a portrait of the sixteenth President of the United States.