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Happy New Year!  

Thank you to all the fans and venues that have made 2015 a great year for Erik Narwhal & the Manatees!
We are booking 2016 dates and some of them on our shows list- Don't forget to check back often for updates!

Wishing you all a HEALTHY AND HAPPY 2016!


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What They Are Saying...

“Crazed blues – rock in a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins style… delighting the crowd.”
Steve Morse | Boston Globe


“An absolute joy to watch…one unforgettable performer.”
Mike Caito | The Providence Phoenix

“…The band is one of the finest, roots, R&B ensembles around.”
Karen Kaplan | The New London Day

“Erik Narwhal offers a little something for just about everyone.”
Derek Olsen | Mystic River Press

“The band’s sound and style, like Narwhal’s own pretend aquatic human makeup, is a happy mixed breed.”
Jeffrey D. Wagner | Titan Magazine

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